Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Quiet Christmas...

We live far away from our kids.  Its a 10-12 hour drive depending on weather so a trek home for Christmas can be iffy.  This year the "marrieds" didn't come, but it wasn't due to the weather so I don't even know why I mentioned that.  Anyway, Brad and Kelly went to California to visit the other grandparents and Michelle and Jordan stayed home because of work. This year we had Clark, Laurel and Neal home for Christmas!

 Rio seems to get away with more when the kids are home, especially Neal. 

 We had a terrific ward party this year at the Leavitt camp kitchen/ball diamond/community center. 
Sleigh rides, donuts, hot chocolate, board games, outside movie for the kids and Santa!

Neal did a great job taking this picture while on a bumpy sleigh ride.

 And let me tell was COLD! 

 Can't tell you the last time I sat on Santa's knee.

So Clark was the big helper this year with our "must haves".  He made the pie crust for our chocolate haupia pie as well as the made from scratch chocolate pudding and haupia filling.  He then wanted to learn how to make our 4 generation traditional cinnamon rolls that we have on Christmas morning. My father grew up with these, I grew up with these and our kids have grown up with them too. 
Clark did a great job.

 Laurel kept herself busy doing things she doesn't have time for during the school year.  She has recently picked up painting with water colors and she loved her new sewing machine. 
My kids gave great Christmas lists this year. 

 Can you even guess what Neal wanted this year?  I don't know the name of it, but you lay on your back under a vehicle when you are working on the underside.  And of course, it's very fun to use it on the hardwood floor.

My father wasn't with us for Christmas, but he is holding up his personal history that Lou Lou and I made into a book for him.   He had no idea (I don't think) we were doing this for him and we sure wish we could have been there when he opened it up.  David and Mary Anne were there and took this sweet picture of him holding it.  It has his history in word, as well as most every certificate he has ever received, his Atomic Bomb story, pictures and other treasures. The picture on the cover was taken while on a horse pack trip in 1988 I believe.  He is sitting on the saddle he made when he was living in Samoa.

 You always have to take a drive to Waterton during the holidays.  Clark wanted to take some pics of these elk.  He was braver than I with it being so cold. 

Maybe next year everybody can be together! 
Look at these cute little grandkids! 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sloane's Blessing Day

Another grandchild blessed!
Michelle and Jordan with 
Sloane Elizabeth and Camryn Ray on November 8 in Farmington. 

 Their little family is growing.  It's really hard to believe that Michelle and Jordan have another little one.  Time can sure fly and sometimes stand still.  Funny how that works. 

 Family picture time is not a favorite time for most anyone, it can be so chaotic and crazy.  Then you have Jordan Brad shooting the breeze, so oblivious to it all. 

 Camryn loves her Lo Lo or is it La La? 

 Jordan's family had everyone over for a waffle bar and it was one of the best ideas and yummiest breakfasts ever.  The Cahoons have decided to adopt this idea when we all are together for one of our fun meals.  It would be a  BYOW , "bring your waffle iron".

 This little Jack has got personalty plus.
Why you serious?

 One of my favorite photos. 
I think it's because both of these mommas are just happy being moms, doing what mom's do.  

 All tuckered out from being a new baby. 

 Clark has an array of friends. He took sewing lessons from Sarah who designs, sews and sells purses and that is exactly what is on my hip.  It really is my most favorite purse of all time. Hands down!
If you are on Instagram follow annebdesigns.

 Neal bought these pink Carhartt overalls for Camryn.  She loves them and I bet she can't wait to wear them this summer at grandma and grandpas. 

877 N. Main St in Farmington...

Now that I am really looking at these three pictures, they are spot on. 
Jack is all smiles, Camryn will smile when Camryn wants to smile and Sloane is just agreeable and pleasant, a real gem to her mom and dad. 
We love coming to Utah for weddings and births and blessings...everything Family!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Memory Lane

On Our way home from Utah Mark and I decided to take a detour to Lincoln.  My parents lived there for 10 years and we hadn't been back since they sold the house.  They built a log home on the Continental divide and we loved going there every summer when the kids were little.  Neal was too young to remember, but the other kids remember it well. 
I hope one our grandkids will remember our home in Leavitt. 
 The views were so pretty as we neared the small the town.  
This is the road into Lincoln.

 While my parents were building their home, this was their home away from home. 

Lincoln is an old mining town with lots of history!

The Glory Hole, which is located just a ways down the road from their house.  Mark and I were surprised at the level of water here.  Maybe it was the time of year. 
This Trading Post is the home of Hi-Country beef jerky, the best jerky this side of the Mississippi!

 I make Mark take selfies.  What can I say? 
We loved our short time in Lincoln.  

About 1 week or two later Lou Lou and I made a sweet and last minute trip to see daddy!
On our way, though, we had to stop and see our babies. 
I'm on the left holding Thea and Lou Lou is on the right holding Sloane.
Below is us holding Jack!

 This picture may seem odd, but there is a reason I am posting this.  This picture shows strength and I mean strength.  Lou Lou loves See's Candy. I do too, but she really loves it.  
I was on a healthy eating challenge during our trip and only had 1 free day to use. I used it at See's Candy, but what this picture doesn't say is that Lou Lou went there 2 times! This is me on our 2nd visit, being super strong and not having any candy. At all! Here is Lou Lou eating more sugar at a FHE in St. George.  Didn't eat sugar that night either. 

We always stop in Santaquin to visit mommy. In the past we get a scone or two at the Family Tree Restaurant, but decided that they are just too big. 
Look at our daddy! He is the bestest daddy ever!

Daddy was born in Santaquin.  This house is still standing and is the original home of Perry Orin Hatch, his grandpa. He remembers being there as a little boy. 

This is the elementary school in Santaquin that he attended. It is now a museum and in it is a sewing box that belonged to Lucy Holbrook Hatch, I believe.  The wife of Perry Orin.

 Kelly, Brad's wife, made a picture book of the newest great grandkids.  He isn't able to see them as often as he would like so this book was perfect! 

 Lou Lou and I found a couple of old photo albums and we enjoyed listening to daddy explain some of the photos to us.  It is a treasure! 
This is Aunt Pat.  She is daddys only sibling.  She lives in Bozeman, MT and we took a detour to visit with her on our way home.  We introduced her to Family Search and the portrait pedigree program to show her all the family pictures of her extended family, generations back. 

As we were showing her the pictures, she brought out her Book of Remembrance and it is a gold mine!  She enjoyed reminiscing and we loved hearing the stories.  Lou Lou is going to visit her again in February and try to get lots of information to enter in portrait pedigree. This generation of our family won't be here forever and then the stories are lost. 

We had a fun week-long, family filled fun time visiting family!